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How to Visit the Andy Warhol Museum

November 6, 2014

Ever since I first became aware of the Campbell’s soup cans, Brillo boxes and Andy with his white hair, I wanted to "get" it. The parties, the wild outfits, the films, the sculptures, the performances, the portraits and the music… I finally figured out what must be true: "Art Imitates Life." In 1994, when it opened, The Warhol Museum became one of my "Bucket List" destinations. Seven floors of a life filled with huge amounts of work, ideas, innovation and fun.

(click to enlarge)

Ironically, no photographs were allowed, but in the lobby there was a Warhol Photo booth. It took a movie of us while we tried to figure out what we were doing. Here you can see the team process at work.

Hey you two! Hello from the Pecan Grove! I'm researching Asheville as my next home, and the pork is a great pull... Ha!

You find a good RV park there?

Your friend and big fan,

I loved this museum when we "stumbled" upon it in Pittsburgh several years ago - I did not know it existed and was thoroughly delighted by the vast array of AW's works. Also, did not "get" the pop art back in the day but today I appreciate the graphic beauty of these images. Thanks for sharing your adventures there!

Cindy S

Please, please, don't ever lose your "silly"!!! I recall Louie Sloves (of LOUIE'S) going to the opening of the Warhol Museum and loving it.

Bob & Jimmy

Bob and Jimmy - LOUIE'S! It was the best neighborhood restaurant ever! Red wine on cold, rainy, November afternoons... sigh...

I remember those silver pillows! They floated on the stage in a performance by the Merce Cunningham Company, with music by John Cage. I do not remember exactly, but it was a long time ago. The performance was awesome, and I still picture it vividly.


Very cool!! That was fun!!

Love, Anita

Anita - wish you could have been there. I miss seeing art with you...

Hi. That looks like a really cool place. I'll need to put it in my bucket too. I have the last Mercedes Benz calender that Andy did hanging on the back of a closet door in pristine condition.. Perhaps it will be worth something by the time I die.

You really must learn to keep your hands down when posing for photo's ;>)


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