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In the Voice of John Facenda, "And So It Begins..."

September 5, 2013

Watching football is a lot like eating a really great black and blue New York strip steak - I don’t really want to know too much of the back story. Both the meat and the game are guilty pleasures I cannot seem to forgo.

I love football!

I love the precision of 22 men in tights performing a super human ballet... watching each honed body strive beyond the dreams of angels...

It may be a game... but the heroics and sacrifice are real. Watching, I marvel each time a man willingly propels his body into unknown space, and each time he gets up from beneath crushing hits and tackles.

After tailgating we always retire to the camper... here with a view of what is now MET Life Stadium

After tailgating we always retire to the camper... here with a view of what is now MET Life Stadium, enjoy a drink and get ready to eat a tailgating meal... like Bacon Explosion. (PDF)

I always watch on television. I love replays, highlights, play-by-play, the color, the hype... but mostly the close-ups: Eyes, grass-clogged cleats, the mud, the spittle, blood smeared sleeves, runs and reruns, but mostly the intense emotional moments of a team’s joy or despair.

Monsters of the Midway, Fun Bunch, The Smurfs, The Hogs, Purple People Eaters, The Diesel, Doomsday Defense, Fearsome Foursome, Steel Curtain, Broadway Joe, The Refrigerator, Dawg Pound, Black Hole, and who said, "Marcus Allen: Running with the Night..."

At last, the tedious pre-season is over and tonight begins the glorious joy of tailgating and watching another year of NFL football. Hope springs eternal that my team will once again make it to the Superbowl (and inside i wish for each man on every team to survive with his brains and marvelous body in tact).

Tonight it will be Joe Flacco and Ray Rice, Peyton Manning and Wes Welker with all their teammates playing in the NFL season opener... Sonny, Riggo, Reggie, John, Joe, Emmitt, Roger, Jerry, LT, Jim... ALL the men gone before will be there as well - suited up - helmets in hand, watching with me.

I was wondering how mush longer you would be there. It sounds like a lot of work to me.

Jon said something about tailgating to me. I remember last year that you did a lot of that. I know that you enjoy it. Go for it.


Not the ONLY; think elections!

Sam H

Your fish friends will miss you, I am sure, as will all your human friends and colleagues at the hatchery.

Happy football season!


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