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Google Places and Platypie

On the road with Pen and Sketchbook
…and Danny, Kootje, Jane, Prash, Roz and Tommy

June 12, 2014

When we first started wandering around the USA in late 2009, it was my intention to use my sketchbooks and draw everything. I planned to watercolor seascapes, use pen and ink to draw city scenes - there would be pastel sketches of the people around me, and graphite gestures of animals in action.

In my dreams I saw myself propped against a tree or wall, sketchbook in hand and watercolors in my pocket... capturing the soul of all that my eyes could take in.

After all, I had been drawing off and on since I was a shy, somewhat pudgy lump of a girl. I copied scenic calendars, Vargas pinup girls In Esquire magazine, buildings from books like Virginia Lee Burton's The Little House, and creating outfits for my Katy Keene paper doll. (See Katy and a few of her outfits here.)

50 years later, while living in NYC, I drew a lot with four very dear friends, Karin, Lisa, Abby and our teacher Anita, attended open studio life-drawing at the Art Student's League, took art journaling classes at Cooper Union and an amazing watercolor class with Pat Porter. For several years I did night classes at the American Museum of Natural History with Stephen Quinn and sometimes on Saturday nights, I would bravely go to a session of Michael Alan's THE LIVING INSTALLATION/DRAWATHON. (!!!)

So, of course, I have drawn almost nothing since we hit  the road. Water colors are hardening in their tubes, my electric pencil sharpener has frozen with desert sand and road dirt and the monkey on my shoulder continues to whisper, "Don't worry about it, you're no good anyway."

Ahhhh, but this April, everything changed. I signed up for an online art class created by Danny Gregory. I had taken a class with Danny at the Open Center in New York years ago and was excited to "see him" again. The Internet class was called Sketchbook Skool, and for six weeks, six different teachers taught individual classes that featured techniques for getting started, videos of their process and homework assignments that were shared on line. 

For some reason this simple on line experience created within me a tidal wave of desire to draw, and draw, and not give up.

Starting at Huntington Beach and right on through Rolex in Lexington, Kentucky to Asheville, North Carolina, and here in Wilmington, North Carolina, I have spent most of my time drawing… and doing long drawings.

I bought an annual membership at the Biltmore Estate and spent 6-8 hours a day drawing there in my sketchbook for a week. I am happy that I kept working on each of these.

The Conservatory Garden

The Conservatory Garden(click to enlarge)

Dolphin Fountain Under the Wisteria Arbor

Dolphin Fountain Under the Wisteria Arbor (click to enlarge)

The Courtyard Market

The Courtyard Market(click to enlarge)

Overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains From the Terrace

Overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains From the Terrace(click to enlarge)

Wow - you've got TALENT!!!!! How beautiful your drawings are!! I enjoy looking at them. How's the new dog doing?


That's some beautiful work. The only thing that I can draw up is a Superbowl box pool. Love you both.


You have your own distinctive style! Charming, very warm.


Love it! I always knew you as a photographer, so it's fun to see you refresh this part of your talents/skills. Tell that monkey on your shoulder he's a chump!

Joe K.

Cool! Keep on drawing!


We knew you were a good photographer. But who knew you could draw and paint as well. Peg you are one talented women. We love your work.

Richard and Karla

More! More! More!

Jon C.

Peg, I'm so happy you're drawing again! I remember the times we spent together at 104th St with much fondness.


Very nice drawings! I am impressed! but great photos too!

I have/had just started back on an actual art course myself, and recently realized I better get back to it, since I miss it! It takes time! Away from other things life offers so temptingly!

Thanks for your sharing info on RV purchasing advice--I need to send it on to a friend, would that be OK with you?

Happy Trails!
Nancy (from Xan's Xmas party of a few years ago)

LOVE that you are drawing lots and sharing some on your site, Peggy! Bravo and maybe you will motivate others (me) to pick up the pencil or pen more often? Sorry we missed each other in May - we plan to be back at MB, SC on September 6. Maybe you'll still be around?

Cindy S.

Pegs- Damn, you're good. Marvin always said so and he's smiling and just beaming down at you.


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