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Meet Harry Fly Taylor, Our First Tri-colored Collie

May 28, 2014

At long last, we can announce that once again we are Four. Sully, Bernie and I welcomed Harry Fly Taylor, a tri-color male collie, into our home (motorhome, that is) last weekend. At eight months old he already has a impressive list of interests and accomplishments.

His hobbies include: drinking copious amounts of water, worrying when one of us leaves the room, demolishing rawhide bones and cardboard boxes... He is especially partial to beer cases (old Porter a particular favorite), he likes kids and loves to roll in the grass and tussle with them. Playing with a kong filled with peanut butter and broken dogie biscuits is also a much favored pastime. Harry has quickly learned to "sit" on command and almost comes when we call his name.

Bred to be a show dog, by the time he was just a few weeks old it became quickly obvious to his breeders that he was going to be much too big to be a show collie. His size quickly earned him the kennel name, "Tank." However, always naming our collies for photographers, we quickly seized on the name Harry Fly Taylor. (more about his namesake here)

And so, meet Harry Fly. By the way, if you were worried, Sully seems to be somewhat satisfied with his new role as pater familias.

We found him living in a beautiful mansion near Scottsville, Kentucky.

First we took him out to the camper to meet Sully, hopefully his soon to be BFF.

Sully was, of course, delighted.

Right away Harry had a big bath and comb out.

Already he is learning to share with others.

He took quickly to being walked on a leash instead of running in a big yard.

It can get pretty hot in Asheville.

Harry’s favorite pastime is repurposing cardboard boxes for his art projects.

But he also enjoys terrorizing our road bear.

We are all so happy to have our big puppy, Harry Fly Taylor, in our lives.

Congrats! Looks like Harry has totally integrated!


Well, I declare! He is beautiful, but not as handsome as Sully of course. Yes, I figured you were feeling a little unappreciated, so why not add another man to your life! I think you chose wisely.


Harry is beautiful...Sully is lucky to have a new BFF. Congratulations on your new addition Peg.


He is gorgeous! I see a potential future job in his future, traveling around to BevMo stores, offering box break-down services. Tidy up those dumpsters full of empty cartons.

Maybe in exchange for a six-pack.

Lisa J

Must. Meet. Puppy.


He is adorable...Congrats to all of you!,Hope to see you all soon!


How handsome!! Just don't pickup any hitch hikers on your travels! Hope you get back to Kitty Hawk one day.


Thanks for sharing. My son Dan, his wife and 2 daughters are thinking of a dog to share their row house in Park Slope. Would you recommend a collie? Some other breed?


I'm thrilled for you and Harry. What a lucky dog. Can't wait to meet him.


Did you say "a new puppy". Isn't it getting crowded in that thing :>)


Congratulations to you both and Sully! He is gorgeous and quite handsome.

Thanks for a great laugh, your comment on being a college artist had me rolling on the floor.

He is beautiful!!! He's HUGE for 8 months. What a fun and happy life he is going to have with you guys. Congratulations on your new and HUGE puppy.


:-) Harry's adorable!


I hope the 4 of you come to NYC so i can meet him and cuddle up to Sully too.


AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! .....but what on earth is a "kong"?

Bob and Jimmy

Congratulations on your new family member Harry Fly Taylor. He's very handsome and being from the south I'm sure he is quite the gentle puppy.

Sully, how do you like your new brother?

Your a lucky dog Harry Fly Taylor.

Donna K.

He's beautiful. I hope to meet him some day.

Melissa C.

Congratulations on the new member of your family! Thank you for all those great photos and captions. It had me laughing so hard. I needed that. Desi's almost 12 now and he is definitely slowing down. Yesterday's grooming session was too much for him and he couldn't walk afterwards, but thankfully doing better today. Must be nice to have some puppy energy around! I'm glad he's won Sully over. :)


Hi Harry, you are fabulous! Xxoo


Mazel Tov!!


Congrats Pet and Bernie! And Sully! He is beautiful - I love all the pictures - can't wait to meet him in person... maybe in Kentucky - looks like the girls might be making another trip there - this time with their own horses...

Hope all is well!

Lisa O.

Handsome boy! And yes... big!

Leah S.

Yea new dog!!!! Molly is hanging in there. Not much mobility but her spirits are good and she still takes care of business outside with no issues (knock on wood). Emma is still spry.

Abby xoxoxo

I'm just wild about Harry! Congratulations! Greta wants to meet him. At 2 1/2 she has an eye for younger men.


Lucy awaits.


Love Harry Fly's photo with the cardboard!!!! Did I neglect to tell you that all of my dogs LOVE paper??? LOL

Carmen L.

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